BestView™ Invisible Grilles

This new innovation offer stylish living with neatness in design, yet Secure & Affordable. Intent of Design is to have minimal clutter as safety barrier for window or balcony. It offers peace of mind, yet provide better brightness & breeze for the home. Panoramic views & Vibrant interior need not be compromise, as compared to conventional grille.

  • Anti-rust.
  • No expose fastening.
  • Stylish.
  • High retention value.
  • Unblock view.
Standard Aluminium Grilles

  • Available in Sliding; Fitted; Casement
  • Silver, Bronze Anodized or White powder-coat
Available in folding or magnet type

  • Keep house pest & mosquitoes away
  • Collated within frame make screen neat & not noticeable when open
  • Blend all home decor